IT workers have started job-hopping – for the money. 

Until recently, salary wasn't high on the list of things that were important to IT staff. They looked for overall job opportunities, work environment, traveling time and the ability to work flexible times in order to juggle hectic lifestyles and home commitments.
Now, however, IT workers are simply looking for money. This could be due to the current economic pressure, with household debt is at its highest level in decades.
According to Karen Geldenhuys, MD of Abacus Recruitment,  top-skilled workers are moving to companies “at a rapid rate” just to up their earnings.
“It has become extremely mercenary. The only concern now is money. Candidates don’t seem to care anymore about sitting for long hours in the traffic – which was a major bugbear up until recently. They are just looking for the biggest packages possible.”
The latest statistics show that company and personal liquidations are up 23% when compared to last year. Food prices have increased by 40% over the last year and there is even talk that brent crude could reach $200.00 a barrel in the not-too-distant future. The 4,5% rise in interest rates since June last year and the spectre of more looming is placing serious pressure on households. People have to find 40% more just to service their bonds.
“With the skills shortage in the IT industry, skilled workers are now pressurising for more money – and will job-hop to increase earnings," says Geldenhuys.
"But this is now common across the board. The main concern of candidates now is ‘how much’ will I be paid. And they want more.”