Obsidian has been selected as a Premier Partner for EnterpriseDB, a provider of enterprise-class products and services based on PostgreSQL.

Under the partnership, Obsidian will offer professional services and training classes related to EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus and Postgres Plus Advanced Server products.
Postgres Plus is an open source distribution of the Postgres database and includes significant performance benefits and important ease-of-use capabilities for developers and DBAs. Bundled into a one-click, cross-platform installer, Postgres Plus is targeted at developers of next-generation applications and sets a new standard for commercial distributions of open source databases.
Postgres Plus Advanced Server is a commercially licensed product that adds advanced capabilities to Postgres Plus, including robust Oracle compatibility, dynamic performance tuning, and sophisticated management and monitoring.
“Obsidian is proud to be offering implementation and training services as an official partner of EnterpriseDB in South Africa,” says Muggie van Staden, MD of Obsidian.
“Having companies of EnterpriseDB's calibre enhancing their local operations is further affirmation of the fact that the market is gearing up for huge growth in the adoption of open source solutions at all levels of the technology stack,” he adds. “Obsidian is ready to provide the market with the skills and services it requires to accommodate this growth.”
According to van Staden, there is currently a significant growth in the use of open source database platforms especially, and Postgres Plus is recognised as one of the most powerful solutions available.
“Postgres Plus and Postgres Plus Advanced Server have many advanced features that make them compelling options for business users,” says van Staden.
The Postgres Plus products are also capable of accommodating huge table, row, and field sizes and unlimited database sizes, making them capable of effectively and securely meeting the requirements of any sized business. They are also standards-compliant, driving flexibility in integration and use as development platforms.
“We’re pleased to announce this partnership with Obsidian, which will bring vendor choice, extraordinary value, and the many other benefits of open source software to the South African enterprise software market,” says Andy Astor, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB. “Our recently released Postgres Plus product family is the perfect choice for developers who need enterprise-class infrastructure to support their next-generation applications.”
Training courses in Postgres Plus will be available from Obsidian from June 2008.