Busy businesses demand robust printing solutions that fit seamlessly into their
computing environments. OKI has extended its C5000 range of high-performance
printers to introduce new models that are compatible with all operating systems used
in corporate environments.

"Printacom is proud to present the OKI C5650, C5750 and C5950 colour printers as the
latest additions to OKI's industry-leading C5000 Series," says Neil Rom, MD of
Printacom Technologies – sole local brand representative and importer of OKI
Printing Solutions in South Africa.
"These new models are PCL/Postscript compatible and extend the accessibility of the
C5000 range to accommodate a broader spectrum of applications and users, including
non-windows environments."
He says that businesses are increasingly adopting alternative computing
environments, such as Linux and the Apple Macintosh platform. OKI is accommodating
this trend by building robust printing solutions that are compatible across the
"PCL/PostScript printer language allows these products to work with most computer
platforms and a wide range of software applications too," adds Rom. "They also offer
an advanced feature set and PCL emulation has scalable bar code printing that
includes character checking, while PostScript emulation is ideal for graphics
applications and working in the Macintosh environment."
The new C5000-series printers offer on-demands printing for professional looking
documents, such as business cards, CD labels and banners up to 1.2 metres long. This
dynamic printing ability allows customers to save money by printing corporate and
marketing materials in-house.
"This enables the reduction of expensive outsourcing costs," explains Rom. "These
printers also enable businesses to keep productivity levels high, with the C5950
offering 26 pages per minute for colour and 32 for mono printing. The C5750 boasts a
rapid 22 pages per minute for colour."
The C5750 is ideally suited to users looking for high performance workgroup mono
printing with full-colour capability when required. OKI has responded to customer
needs by delivering increased colour print speeds and higher capacity mono toner
On the other hand, the C5950 is designed for the high-volume colour user. Reflecting
customer demand, the new model continues to feature exceptional colour printing
performance at a reduced cost per copy.
Recommended retail pricing is R7 400.00 for the C5750 and R8500 for the C5950,
excluding VAT. Network-ready models are also available for both models in the form
of the C5750n and C5950n. A C5650 model is also available for R5 400.00 excluding
"The OKI C5000 range is known as the leading solution for small-to-medium-sized
businesses and workgroups that require affordable, high-performance printing," says
Rom. "OKI is building on this success by extending the reach of the range to new
users in non-Windows environments. Printacom is committed to providing customers
with solutions that enhance their levels of performance and productivity, such as
the new C5000-series printers from OKI," he concludes.