Following Pinnacle Micro’s December acquisition of the South African operations of Tri Continental Distribution – one of IBM’s and Lenovo’s largest distributors in the region – the company has surpassed sales targets for the first quarter of the year, selling 13 000 units. It will also start selling the Lenovo range in Angola.

It already has a sales presence in Botswana and Malawi and, earlier this year, announced it would be selling Lenovo in Namibia as well.
Tim Humphreys-Davies, national and sales director at Pinnacle Micro, says Tri Continental has already been successfully assimilated into Pinnacle Micro’s overall operations. “The assimilation has gone very well so far. We are very pleased with the overall integration – and with our sales. We really hit the ground running.”
According to the IDC Lenovo is the fastest growing vendor in the tier one notebook environment, with year-on-year growth of 32,2%.