Condyn has announced its partnership with Top Layer Networks, provider of high performance intrusion prevention solutions.

As a Top Layer Secure Circle Distributor, Condyn has added the three dimensional protection (3DP) of the Top Layer IPS 5500 to its broad array of IT security product and service offerings.
With staff training already completed and the technical expertise in place to support the product set locally, Condyn is geared to provide a new level of protection to its customers in Sub Saharan Africa – a region with burgeoning IT security requirements – by offering three dimensional protection from malicious content, undesired access and rate-based attacks.
The partnership will also enable Top Layer to expand its presence in sub-Saharan Africa through a solid distribution partner with a wealth of experience within the region.
"As the sub-Saharan African region continues to develop, the need for greater network security is growing at a rapid rate," says Jorina van Rensburg, CEO, Condyn. "Condyn prides itself on delivering and supporting the world’s best security solutions within the African market, and we are greatly pleased to be able to provide the Top Layer products, providing us with a complete network intrusion protection solution that meets the high standards required for our customers."
Peter Rendall, president and CEO of Top Layer Networks, adds: "Today’s sophisticated and fast-changing cyber threats are unrelenting, with no country or region left unaffected.
"Top Layer’s global channel partnerships, like this new Secure Circle partnership with Condyn, a recognised and respected IT security distributor in Africa, enables Top Layer to extend its reach into new markets and provide more customers with the three dimensional protection necessary to defend themselves against known and unknown attacks."
Says Van Rensburg: "We would also like to take this opportunity to reassure any current IBM ISS users that they are still welcome to contact Condyn with any queries or issues as we remain fully committed to support our clients and partners in resolving their information security concerns, professionally and effectively."