The shenanigans around the Microsoft/Yahoo deal and Google's "running interference" continues with reports citing that Google execs held a special meeting this week, while Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated that the company was "not looking to buy all of Yahoo".

The Times reports that following weekend indications from Microsoft that it was interested in buying part or parts of Yahoo and not the whole entity, Google executives Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were to hold a "special meeting".
It quotes Schmidt, attending a Google Zeitgeist conference in Hertfordshire, as saying: "After this press conference, the three of us will meet and decide what our response is."
The Times also reports Brin as saying he would give Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang "refuge within Google" if he were forced out of the company. Brin also said Google had not yet ruled out a deal with Yahoo, it adds.
Meanwhile, Reuters reports that Microsoft is not looking to bid to buy all of Yahoo, but is in talks about other types of deals with the company.
It quotes Steve Ballmer at the launch of a new R&D facility in Israel, as saying: "We are not bidding to buy Yahoo. Yet, we are trying to have discussions about deals with Yahoo that might create value, but not a whole acquisition of the company."