TallyGenicom has introduced its flagship mono laser printer, the 9050. Equipped with a powerful 533Mhz processor incorporating Intelliprint Architecture, the 9050 has 256Mb of memory to deal with the most demanding jobs in the office.

Capable of achieving print speeds of up to 50 pages per minute, the 9050 will be the foundation of a busy corporate office.
With up to six input trays to hold a variety of paper sizes, types and weights including transparencies, the 9050 provides print runs of 300,000 pages per month, making it a true workhorse for the office. It has also been designed to ease administrative headaches, making document preparation and distribution easy due to its collate, staple and hole punch option.
The 9050 also carries TallyGenicom’s Intellifilter software, allowing it to automatically trigger forms, and effectively eliminating the need for expensive software solutions. TallyGenicom has ensured that the printer meets the expectations of the busy corporate office, by adding a web-based performance-monitoring feature as standard on the 9050.
“The 9050 has been designed as the cornerstone of any printer fleet,” explains TallyGenicom SA’s director, Peter Vieira. “It can easily cope with immense workloads and through its quick print speeds, is suitable for large workgroup use. It can deliver significant benefits in the collation of vital meeting materials and provides an unparalleled solution for mission critical printing tasks.”