With the announcement of its first consumer products yesterday, South Africa's second fixed-line operator Neotel is finally taking on the might of Telkom, looking to sign up 60 000 customers in the next nine months.

Neotel is offering consumers two packages: NeoConnect Prime, with download speeds of up to 2.4 megabits/second (mbps) and NeoConnect Lite, which offers all the same basic services as NeoConnect Prime but is limited to 156 kilobits/second (kbps). Average connection speeds for the prime offering range between 300 to 700kbps. Prices for the five offerings within NeoConnect Prime range from R399 a month to R999 for unlimited internet access. NeoConnect Lite costs between R299 for 2GB and R469 for the unlimited package.
There will be a phased rollout of the services, says Neotel MD Ajay Pandey.
"Our first phase of rollouts is in Johannesburg, Pretoria and parts of Ekurhuleni [east of Johannesburg], but we are expanding our network at a rapid pace and will be able to roll out services in Cape Town and Durban, shortly," he says.