Business Connexion has opened Africa's first EMC Velocity Signature Solution Centre at its Midrand offices. 

The launch of the EMC Velocity Signature Solution Centre within Business Connexion allows Business Connexion to demonstrate exactly how a lution is going to work in the clients’ environments.
According to George Loate, managing executive: Persetel Q Vector at Business Connexion: “We are giving our clients real choice and the best of both worlds – the chance to see how the solution would work, without them having to commit any money at all.
"They can visit the solution centre and see a live demonstration of a technical environment they are considering, giving them peace-of-mind that the solution will work when deployed at their oganisation.”
The solution centre will also be showcased to clients from other EMC partners working with Business Connexion.
Business Connexion’s EMC Velocity Signature Solution Centre is equipped with a briefing room and is designed to host a series of activities that will complement the Solution Centre’s value proposition.