The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has successfully implemented a SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, placing it at forefront of worldwide broadcasting technology. 

The holistic SAP solution replaces SABC’s disparate legacy IT systems delivering unparalleled efficiency by streamlining complex back-end processes. The solution spans SABC’s entire network in South Africa including its regional offices.
The solution is the first-of-its-kind for a broadcaster in Africa and includes a module managing intellectual property, an integral element in SABC’s operations.  It replaces the disparate legacy systems previously used within the SABC explains Robin Nicholson, chief financial officer at SABC.
“SABC’s mission is to become a people centred, content driven, technology enabled and sustainable public service broadcaster,” says Nicholson. “This project enables growth and development of all staff within the SABC through technology enablement.”
The SAP solution includes financial, human resources, intellectual property management, project management and resource management functionality and at the same time empowers employees with a full self-service HR module.
“SABC is able to meet its wide-ranging organisational needs with a single consolidated view of processes and data across the organisation,” says Nicholson.  “Apart from the technology benefits which provide increased efficiencies ranging from reduced invoice processing times to intellectual property management, staff are empowered to manage their own profiles on the HR module.”
Despite the increased efficiencies, jobs will be retained as the solution allows for smarter and better allocation and management of human resources.  
Through the solution, SABC is able to facilitate regulatory compliance and is required to enforce internal controls in line with local corporate governance compliance. The ERP solution facilitates the integration of different  databases within the SABC and in so doing realises far reaching operational efficiencies additionally offered with a centrally managed solution.
Project Moribo at SABC was implemented over a period of 24 months, culminating in the go-live of its Sales-to-Cash module in March 2008 and handover to SABC staff in April 2008. Following the final roll out and trials of the Project Moribo SAP solution, SABC has been able to reduce its payment run for its contractors from one month to 14 days.
Nicholson says: “SABC has a central drive to empower employees through engaging activities and opportunities within the organisation. This solution has delivered the organisation into the new age and put many core functions directly into their hands engaging them as a part of the ownership and participation in the development of SABC as a World-class broadcaster.”