Vodacom has increased its customers by 12,7% to 34-million – and increased revenue by 17%. 

Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig released key financial highlights for the year to 31 March 2008, to co-incide with 50% shareholder Vodafone's financial results.
Highlights of Vodacom's financial year include:
* Total customers increased by 12,7% to 34-million;
* Revenue increased by 17,1% to R48,2-billion;
* Profit from operations increased by 15% to R12,5-billion;
* EBITDA increased by 15,7% to R16,5-billion;
* Cash generated from operations increased by 17,8% to R16,3-billion.
A detailed analysis of Vodacom`s operations and indicators for each of the five countries in which it operates will be released on 9 June 2008.