Magix Integration has introduced the concept of Business Service Monitoring (BSM) in South Africa. BSM addresses the growing demand in corporations to ensure business agility and efficacy by making optimal use of existing ICT assets.

Magix Integration provides services and solutions centered on enterprise risk and enterprise integration to companies and organisations in the public and private sectors.
"Few companies have an accurate inventory of all their ICT devices, from laptops to routers, nor do they know if these assets meet corporate compliance policies," says Amir Lubashevsky, director of Magix Integration. "It is therefore impossible for the businesses to ascertain the level of risk it faces and there is no way to link the company's ICT infrastructure and its functioning to performance."
With BSM, business services are mapped to their underlying ICT assets. This allows management to change its focus from the health of technology devices to the business services they support.
BSM therefore allows management to develop a clear understanding of the impact IT resources have on the business's revenue, service and availability. This includes how ICT supports the attainment of business goals when they work optimally and how they hinder performance when not functioning properly.
It links directly with predictive monitoring in that it allows managers to accurately predict the future performance of the company under specific scenarios, such as, what would the impact on business be if only certain routers are supported with UPS power.
"Magix is now in a position to provide both consulting services and applications to assist customers in the implementation of an effective BSM programme," adds Lubashevsky. "The product set we have chosen is produced by Avalon Net, a company with customers as diverse as The University of Manchester, Clalit Health Services and The Central Bank of the Russian Federation."
The Avalon Net suite of products offers an end-to-end solution that provides a reliable view of the health and availability of business services. The company's Tiger application offers a complete BSM end-to-end solution, while Sybilla offers prediction, capacity planning and anomaly detection. Lancelot provides for network performance monitoring, Priamus delivers high performance data collection and Gawain offers IP flow analysis.
As a complete suite, Avalon Net provides for data gathering and reconciliation, configuration and topology mapping, data stores (CMDB), analytics, visualisation and automation.
"ICT can no longer function as a stand alone entity within business," notes Lubashevsky. "To assist in delivering a competitive advantage, technology must serve business. It therefore makes sense to measure ICT according to the positive or negative impact it has on the attainment of business goals. BSM is the only way to accurately map ICT assets to business services and dynamically measure their continual effect on business."