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MobiBlitz unveils mobile portal


MobiBlitz used the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Computer Faire last week to unveil its latest offering,  the mobile portal –

The mobile media company was founded by radio veteran  turned mobile evangelist Stan Katz and IT whiz Farhad Omar.
The new launch comes hot on the heels of the recently established and rapidly expanding Mobizone network of Bluetooth hotspots that is spreading across malls throughout the length and breadth of South Africa following a deal with Growthpoint, the largest Property Loanstock company on the JSE.
Stan Katz explains the rationale for the establishment of the Mobizone mobile portal.
“Bluetooth is arguably the most powerful platform for proximity marketing and MobiBlitz has stolen the march in the application of this technology in South Africa," he says.
"The Mobizone Bluetooth Network currently gives advertisers access to some 3,5-million shoppers per week at the points where buying decisions are made. The Mobizone solution allows for both push and pull messaging and both options have their place.
"However, by far the biggest opportunities and greatest flexibility come from the 'pull 'application. We therefore decided to allow 24/7 access to the Portal by making it available outside of the Bluetooth hotspots via any web and wap based protocols. This means that one is always in the zone, so to speak."
The key drivers are ubiquity, cost and utility and the strategic intent is captured in Mobizone’s slogan “Your World in Your Pocket".
If you own a mobile device, you’ll want to have  on it. Why? Well, firstly there is the cost. Only network data charges apply. This works out on average at a nominal R2.00 per Mb which gives access to around 100 to 150 Mobizone pages. MobiBlitz does not charge the user.
Then there’s the free content. Everything from detailed weather reports covering every major city in the world to personalised ringtones. There’s both local and international news from the likes of Reuters, CNN and the New York Times. Under "Media, Money and Marketing “ the business community will have access to MoneyWeb, Bizcommunity, MarketingWeb, Media Online and more, all of which have thus far been unavailable on mobile.
As far as chat and social networking go there is  which is an aggregation of most of functionality available on sites like You Tube, MySpace and Facebook .This site also allows for mobile blogging and a personal mobile picture and video library.
There’s literally something for everyone and unlike some of the mobile services that require one to download an application and pay a subscription, this couldn’t be easier. Simply go to and you’re in business.
Says Katz, who professes to be the least tech savvy person he knows, “The brief to our technical team was to make it easy enough for me to use, because if I can, believe me, anyone can.”
With the addition of the Mobizone portal, MobiBlitz has positioned itself powerfully as both a content aggregator and a mobile platform.
Farhad Omar, the man responsible for integrating the technology, points out that “Mobizone will always be a work in progress. That’s the nature of the space we’re in.
"It’s competitive and it’s challenging, but mobile is set to overtake online in the not too distant future. On the bandwidth starved African continent the advantages of mobile are obvious.”
Well-known media and marketing personality Cecil Lyons recently joined MobiBlitz as chief operating officer.