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Synergy Computing turns 30, changes name


With the notable achievement of 30 years of operation in the South African IT industry, Cape Town- and Durban-based Synergy Computing is changing its name to Synergy Business Intelligence and introducing a new corporate identity to reflect its sharp focus on data and information delivery systems.

According to Christo Bredenkamp, Synergy Business Intelligence (SBI) MD, the company is increasing its play in the business intelligence (BI) space with the provision of a complete spectrum of associated services.
“These services include business analysis, data warehouse design and construction, data quality and data mining along with the role many of our clients already associate us with – that of using Cognos expertise to deliver information,” he says.
Bredenkamp adds that the trend of more organisations investing in BI is anticipated to continue and accelerate.
“Companies across the board, whether large or small, are realising the strategic importance of their data and are using BI to improve service, boost revenue and increase operating efficiencies. It is a demonstrable fact that properly applied BI makes companies smarter, better and faster,” he notes.
As a long-term Cognos partner – and 2007 recipient of the Cognos Best Reseller Partner award– Bredenkamp says that Synergy has proven itself over time as a consistently innovative business.
“Synergy and our clients have been on the receiving end of the technological breakthroughs which Cognos has made over the years. With Cognos’s incorporation into the IBM stable, SBI intends to continue with this partnership which provides us with a solid technology platform, for many years to come.”
Matching Cognos’ innovation with its own, Bredenkamp draws attention to SBI’s recent launch of a new business venture which brings BI squarely within the range of the SME market, and which he believes will play a substantial role in the company’s future. The BI Smarts solution provides all facilities and skills required to completely outsource information delivery requirements to SBI.
“With BI Smarts, the delivery of BI software as a service to the SME means there is no need to buy software outright and no need to invest in skills. Instead, data analysis and reporting is delivered at an affordable monthly rate,” he says.
BI Smarts is a business model which uses the power of the Internet and which is coming of age as connectivity and bandwidth are increasingly available and affordable.
“We are fundamentally a data delivery company and will continue to carve out our future in all aspects of information delivery, taking advantage of and applying new developments to remain highly relevant to our customers,” Bredenkamp says.