The countdown to the 2008 Comrades Marathon has begun and while the runners gear up for one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world, MapIT – a leading supplier of Southern African map data – has supplied the interactive electronic mapping to the 2008 Comrades Marathon website.

The Comrades Marathon is a cherished national treasure and attracts thousands of international and national runners and spectators each year. The electronic map, which was implemented in 2006, enables spectators to plan the most efficient route during the race by providing geographically correct race data indicating the start and finish points, refreshment and medical stations along the route.
This helps spectators who want to simplify their route when driving to various points. The zoom function also offers you the facility to see startend points and parking areas.  An active list of points clicks through to the exact positioning on the electronic map.
With the Comrades being the world's greatest ultra-marathon, this year being the 87km “up-run”. It is a South African institution, internationally recognised for celebrating the triumph of mankind's spirit over adversity.  For this reason many international competitors enter to conquer the gruelling distance.
The first Comrades Marathon took place in 1921 with only 34 runners and has continued since then (with the exception of the war years 1941-1945) attracting thousands of additional athletes, spectators and television viewers every year.
"The 2008 Comrades Marathon will be the 83rd running of the world's oldest and greatest ultra-marathon and with the aid of the interactive electronic mapping service, runners and spectators can look forward to a spectacular, hassle free event,” says MapIT MD Ray Wilkinson.