What do SCM, CRM, geographic modelling, network security and retail sales analysis applications have in common? They are just a handful among the many OEM solutions powered by QlikView, QlikTech’s business intelligence (BI) platform.

Many of these new and innovative solutions were showcased at Qonnections 2008, QlikTech’s annual Global Partner Summit which took place in Miami.
Through Qonnect, QlikTech’s global partner program, OEM Partners ranging from independent software vendors (ISVs), including software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, to information providers embed QlikView technology into their own applications and services. As a result, vendors – and their customers – gain more powerful and visual dashboards, analysis and reporting capabilities in their industry-specific and functional solutions.
The Qonnect program provides OEM partners with the tools and support to integrate and deploy branded business analysis solutions in a matter of weeks. “Powered by QlikView” solutions developed through the Qonnect program enable companies to deliver enhanced business benefits and a better user experience to their customers.
“User demand for accessible and intuitive software has drawn a line between vendors who succeed with innovative, flexible solutions or stagnate in traditional software and business models,” says Anthony Deighton, senior vice-president of Marketing at QlikTech. “Qonnect OEM Partners are delivering value for their own businesses and their customers with enhanced powerful analysis that is fast to learn, integrate and change.”
Examples from among the variety of solutions “Powered by QlikView” include:
* Perillon Software: A SaaS provider of environmental, health and safety solutions, Perillon helps organisations achieve regulatory compliance and improve sustainability. Perillon’s Workforce Performance Management solution, Powered by QlikView, gives customers the ability to quickly and visually identify the root causes of issues and proactively drive corrective and preventative measures to reduce risks of incidents and non-compliance with regulatory oversight. “We get near real-time information and we can even use the product in our safety meetings with senior management to present issues and discuss resolutions. We love how easy it is to use,” says Ellen O’Neill from Perillon customer DPC, a specialty chemical manufacturer.
* TietoEnator: Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this IT service company develops and hosts digital businesses and provides consulting to customers. Among a wide range of business offerings, TietoEnator is a leading supplier of IT services to the telecom and media sectors in Europe and China. The company embeds QlikView as the Business Analyzer for their Media House customers, empowering them with actionable information. “We have created a user friendly product Powered by QlikView that provides our customers with quick answers regarding business analysis – a very competitive solution,” says product manager Jens Holmström.
* TriGeo Network Security: Among leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management, TriGeo uses QlikView for their InSight product, the first BI offering for network management and security. InSight gives TriGeo customers dynamic, real-time views into their millions of daily network usage events to quickly identify and eliminate potentially threatening behaviours. According to president and CEO Michelle Dickman: “By harnessing the power of QlikView, we are able to offer our customers something distinct and critical: the ability to find a threatening needle in the haystack of sensitive and complex data. With QlikView, we have taken network security to a new, dynamic level.”