Two adware samples, Netproject and VideoAddon, have been the most active malicious codes in South Africa during the previous month. Both copies are designed to display advertisements or pop-ups to users during their browsing. 

This consumes bandwidth unnecessarily and results in an extremely annoying Internet experience, says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda Security’s sub-Saharan operations.
"Unscrupulous businesses pay code creators to create malware that promotes their products. This is yet another example of the new malware business model which is profit-driven."
The third sample that infected more computers was Trojan Lineage. BZE, designed to affect users of the online game “Lineage”. In at fourth is Gator, another adware specimen, while at fifth place is also for a malicious code that affects Lineage users, Lineage.ICL, although in this case it is a worm.
The top ten viruses for the month are:
* Netproject (adware);
* VideoAddon (adware);
* Lineage.BZE (Trojan);
* Gator (adware);
* W32/Lineage.ICL (worm);
* SpyBurner (adware);
* Downloader.MDW (Trojan);
* W32/Brontok.P.(worm);
* SecurityError (adware); and
* UltimateDefender (adware).