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Take control of the Web


HP has announced HP Smart Web Printing, a free downloadable software tool that is changing the way people use the internet, giving web users new ways to clip, print, store and reuse information.

“The application, available with all new HP printers and downloadable from HP website , is a highly intuitive tool that selects and isolates only the parts of the web that users want, cutting out all unnecessary ads, text and images and saving information for later use” says Robbie Johnson IPG consumer go-to-market manager at HP SA.
HP Smart Web Printing takes users right to the information they need. Until now, the only way to save this information has been to bookmark the entire site – possibly losing track of the original piece of data – or selecting text and transferring to another program such as Word.
HP Smart Web Printing makes using web information easy and intuitive. Users can ‘clip’ the information they need by turning on the HP Smart Select tool and highlighting any section of the web page, and then print that information straight away or save it to their Clip Book.
The Clip Book also serves as a bookmark library – users simply double click on the clip to jump back to the relevant part of the original site. Or if they want to get creative with their clippings, they can build an entirely different document which they can edit, save or print. The finished document can even be saved as a PDF for easy emailing to friends and colleagues.
Once web users get started with HP Smart Web Printing, they will find it has many different applications. For example:
* When printing tickets for concerts and travel, users can now save and print the section of the confirmation that is relevant to them rather than reams of unnecessary information.
* Bloggers can collect information from websites or other blogs and store them in the Clip Book, ready to use in their own blog entries.
* Travellers can compile a guide about a particular city using text and images from many different web sites. They could then edit the text and rearrange the images – and even add their own annotations – to easily create a bespoke city guide. This could be turned into a PDF and emailed to a group of friends just before a holiday.
* School pupils could undertake a homework project using information from the internet and organise and store it all in their Clip Book for later reference.
HP Smart Web Printing helps combat waste in web printing, potentially saving ink, paper and money. Instead of printing out pages for later reference, users can add them to their Clip Book. They will also save paper by selecting and printing only what they need.