Annex Distribution has underlined the value of its partnership with BenQ, a global provider of digital lifestyle solutions.

The distributor continues to enhance its range of BenQ visual display solutions, with a specific focus on LCD monitors and the consumer requirement for wide screen and rapid response technology.
“If one considers the appeal of technology convergence in growing areas of the digital market, such as gaming and home entertainment, there is a definite demand for wide screen monitors. Against the backdrop of an increase in popularity of LCD, we now see that the size of the screen has emerged as a key consideration for users,” says Bill Gradwell, director at Annex Distribution.
In addition to wide screen, Annex representatives also highlight the influence of innovations such as BenQ’s exclusive Senseye technology and the impact of Windows Vista Aero®.
BenQ Senseye enhances the viewing experience by providing the user with four pre-set modes – standard, dynamic, movie and photo – and thereby facilitating flexibility in usage and end results.
At the same time, newer monitor solutions entering the market can accommodate Microsoft Vista Aero® technology, a breakthrough in the graphic user interface that enhances the visual presentation and management of information on screen.
BenQ’s G2400W LCD is one of the latest solutions to be added to the Annex range of available product and offers the user the benefit of wide screen and Senseye technology.
This latest solution supports D-sub, DVI-D, HDMI input connections and is a recent product to emerge from BenQ’s extensive G-Series range of digital lifestyle and communication product features a response time of 5ms with high resolution pictures (1920×1200) and a pixel pitch of 0.27mm.
The product also features Senseye + Photo, an enhanced version of the technology that supports sRGB colour space, which is an industry-wide advancement to achieve consistency in image when they are displayed and manipulated on monitors.
“We have also noticed a significant increase in functionality and flexibility in new products entering the market. The BenQ G2400 LCD allows the user to connect to the notebook and expand the desktop working area, and, in so doing, view multiple documents simultaneously. Factors such as productivity, convenience, lower cost of ownership and maintenance all come to mind,” adds Gradwell.
“There is huge opportunity in this market space and our objective, through our valued alliance with BenQ as a premier tier one solution developer and supplier, is to generate further business opportunities for our resellers and add value to the market,” he says.