The new-look cash-and-carry distribution centres that Channelware is launching next month have been on the cards for some time, and reflect a new direction the group has been moving in for some time. 

The group's consumables distributor ACT already has a distribution presence in eight of the country's nine provinces and services all the regions with a fairly ubiquitous product line-up.
Bruce McGregor, CEO of the MB Technologies group, explains that regional distribution is about improving service delivery to SMB resellers, as well as offering them convenience in a climate of increasing fuel costs.
He adds that the idea has been germinating for the past 18 months or so, and the group believes the time is right to put it into action now.
"We think there are tough times ahead for the South African economy."
The model is a new one for the local market. Channelware will become a distribution or fulfillment arm for the rest of the group distributors into the regions.
It won't have distribution agencies for any product lines in its own right, but will source products that suit the various regions from its sister organisations.