Creative thinker and speaker Edward de Bono has urged South Africans to “challenge dominant ideas, challenge boundaries, and challenge polarisation” in order to improve themselves, their organisations and their communities. 

De Bono was speaking on the eve of an exclusive one-day event in Johannesburg, organised by Global Leaders.
He said: “I ask you all to look at everything you do – even if it is satisfactory – and consider the alternatives, If something is adequate, it blocks any further thinking on that subject forever.
“We are so used to dealing with problems, we ignore all the areas where we can improve – simply because they aren’t causing us problems at the moment. But I want you to challenge it all.”
Tina Schneidermann, president of Global Leaders, comments: “Globalisation means we have access to better products, wider choice, and faster delivery times. But it also means that the very products and services we sell are becoming increasingly homeogenised.
“The only way we can stand apart from our competition is the way in which our employees and our organisations thinks.”