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HP announces new face of SMB


HP has announced the new face of SMB: Desmond Makondo, a small business owner who through the use of HP products and tools has reached great heights.

This announcement marks the commencement of the South African leg of HP’s global campaign “What do you have to say”. This campaign aims to engage with small and medium- business (SMB) customers through its Print 2.0 strategy.
“Everyone has good ideas, but as Desmond Makondo will tell you, ideas are nothing until you turn them into something”, says Thierry Boulanger, IPG Country Manager, HP South Africa.
Desmond was chosen to represent HP’s “What do you have to say?” SMB campaign because he has a passion for success, a drive that has taken a small HP Camera and printer to great heights. HP saw his passion and shared as much excitement and ideas for his business as he did, says Boulanger.
The campaign, which Des represents, is designed to inspire HP’s customers and empower them with new ideas and online tools to help them think about what they have to say. SMBs can access content and printing-related tools to help them grow their business as well as learn how to make their information technology infrastructure work better for them.
Desmond is the epiphany of a great SMB. When he approached HP South Africa six years ago he had an idea he wanted to turn into a corporate business. This business today services corporate companies, SMB’s and individuals alike.
Desmond Makondo, will share his success stories around how HP provides SMB’s, with inspirational ideas and tools to build a brand throughout the coming months.