Johnson Controls, a global provider of safety and security technology and systems integration services has recently announced a strategic alliance with Orsus, a pioneer in the field of Situation Management, a new holistic approach to optimising situation planning, response and analysis.

 This alliance will see Johnson Controls deliver a solution that combines Orsus' security and safety Situation Management software, Situator and Johnson Controls management and systems integration expertise.
Through its safety and security division, Johnson Controls has delivered integrated security solutions to over 50 000 companies worldwide in a variety of markets, including transportation, healthcare, financial services, government, education and manufacturing.
As part of the alliance, the two companies are working together to offer situation management solutions to corporate clients worldwide and within the government market.  Johnson Controls offers a single source for turnkey installation and service of integrated security systems and provides support for assessment, planning, and design.
"Johnson Controls recognises the importance of providing their mission critical customers with innovative technology to manage and operate their security systems, and Orsus is excited to be part of the solution. The joint offering delivers new levels of clarity and control to all levels of personnel in the operational chain involved in managing situations," says Rafi Bhonker VP of marketing and sales at Orsus.
"There is an increasing demand for solutions that not only highlight situations by collecting, correlating and analysing data but also activate a set of preplanned actionable tasks once a situation has been identified. The South African market in particular will benefit from the 'work flowed' policies and procedures that highlight the appropriate actions to be taken. This can be applied on a local, national and global basis. This type of solution is especially effective in an 'integrated' environment and Johnson Controls skills and expertise will enhance the functionality of the solution," says Neil Cameron, systems divisional manager at Johnson Controls Systems & Service.
"By enabling security, safety, and crisis management professionals to focus on the relevant information out of disparate data from alerting sources across the enterprise and perform the precise actions in context of the situation at hand, Johnson Controls is well positioned to deliver this solution, allowing customers to maximise the most out of their integrated security environment," adds Marius Brits, integrated security systems business development manager at Johnson Controls Systems & Service.
By lowering the human error factor in situation management, Situator from Orsus raises overall enterprise security, while simultaneously lowering operational costs.
Situator is available and fully supported in around the world through a network of security and safety integrators.
The product will be on show at Securex.