Neotel is putting its money where its mouth is and beginning to roll out real-world solutions to South African companies. 

An early success story is OneCell Holdings, which has been supplied with 100 incoming digital voice lines from the Neotel, which touts itself as the fist converged communications network operator.
“We require a reliable network with redundancy as we are on call for our clients 24×7,” says Peter van Urk, a director of OneCell Holdings.
“I knew exactly what I needed from a communications perspective – what made the difference, however, was that I was provided with something slightly better than what I needed and at a very good turnaround time,” he says.
OneCell Community Phones is the largest non-network community phone operator in South Africa.
The group also operates CarT4rack, a fast-growing vehicle tracking system with more than 100 000 clients.
“With this and future growth in mind, I could not afford to take an off the shelf product that would not be feasible in a year’s time," says Van Urk.
“I believe firmly that South African business has become accustomed to just accepting what is put on offer rather than focusing on their real requirements and finding real solutions,” he adds.
“For the first time we are seeing actual competition in the market, providing the client with the choice between an off the shelf product and a custom solution tailored to meet their needs.”
He says the group was offered a fibre connection as part of the solution, and a microwave link was added on request.
“All the lines are digital and IP-based and there is accountability from Neotel's side in terms of the availability on the network,” he says.
“Our technical committee is currently investigating Neotel’s data services as well – we are extremely reliant on reliable services due to the 24-hour availability of our call centres and need to have a supplier that can provide the backbone to support this crucial part of our business,” he adds.