HP has signed a multimillion dollar agreement with Consolidated Graphics, one of the largest North American general commercial printing companies, for the installation of 36 HP Indigo digital presses at facilities in the US and Czech Republic.

With annual revenues of $1,2-billion, Consolidated Graphics has 70 printing businesses in the US and Canada, as well as a facility in the Czech Republic. The purchase of the HP Indigo presses with HP SmartStream Ultra Print Servers extends its presence among major general commercial printing providers as a leader in the use of digital printing technology.
In terms of value, the HP Indigo technology purchase represents a significant portion of the capital expenditures Consolidated Graphics has planned for its digital printing operations this year.
Last year, the company spent approximately $25-million on digital presses and related technology. Press installations are scheduled to begin in June.
The majority of the installation will be for a significant photobook printing operation that will include a number of HP Indigo 7000 Digital Presses, six of which will be used in direct marketing applications.
Photo specialty printing, which includes photobooks and similar digitally printed products, is the fastest-growing segment of the HP Indigo business. According to IDC, the photo merchandise market will grow 91% from 2007-09, with worldwide revenues expected to reach $2,6-billion by 2009.