Informatica Corporation has completed the acquisition of Identity Systems, a global leader in identity resolution technology.

Identity resolution enables customers to perform real-time searches for specific entities across very large data volumes. Identity Systems develops software that significantly enhances an organisation's ability to resolve identity data accurately and quickly, regardless of language, structure, format, location, duplication, omissions or errors in the data.
"Together, Identity Systems and Informatica will provide a new generation of innovative technology to meet the demands of organisations in today's global information economy," says Ivan Chong, GM of Informatica's Data Quality Business Unit. "More so than ever before, corporations and governments need identity resolution integrated with data quality initiatives across their enterprises."
Building on its success in the data integration market, Informatica has established a solid leadership position in the data quality market via an aggressive growth strategy. The acquisition of Identity Systems further advances the company's leadership in enterprise data quality by extending its products with innovative and differentiated technology.
More than 500 customers worldwide rely on Identity Systems products, including leaders in public sector, financial services, law enforcement and homeland security, healthcare and telecommunications. Specific ways in which these organisations take advantage of identity resolution include:
* Governance, risk and compliance (GRC): Managing risk and maintaining regulatory compliance by identifying and cross-checking internal records against identity data from outside sources, with the added benefit of offering improved business process and confidence.
* Fraud and anti-money laundering (AML): Supporting financial institutions to combat identity fraud. Leveraging name matching of non-obvious patterns and correlations in order to break down attempts to mask identity.
* Law enforcement: Enabling global, national and local agencies to screen for suspicious individuals in the fight against criminal or terrorist activity.
* Healthcare: Preventing false identification and also discovering duplication when working with pharmaceutical, disease and/or patient record databases.
* Media: Imposing copyright compliance and recovering royalties for composers and songwriters after accurately matching song files from infringing companies.
* Information providers: Evaluating individual and group credit worthiness and risk. Matching millions of permutations in identity data against external data repositories.
Informatica acquired all of the capital stock of Identity Systems in a cash transaction valued at about $85-million.