VIA Technologies is demonstrating two practical applications of home automation and media delivery based on Microsoft Windows Home Server at Computex this week.

Windows Home Server addresses the growing need of consumers to store, manage and secure their data, and as a key launch partner, VIA is working closely with Microsoft to provide ideal platforms for compact, power-efficient home devices. In a Home Surveillance scenario, a VIA EPIA SN board-based system becomes a streaming media device, showcasing the always-on stability of VIA’s platforms, while for Home Entertainment there’s a VIA NAS 7800-based thin server and a VIA ARTiGO for media playback.
VIA will also present a session on Digital Home Platforms at the Microsoft Seminar running alongside Computex.
VIA offers a glimpse of the forthcoming VIA Home Automation and Media Platform concept, a complete set of home automation and digital media delivery platforms based on a combination of VIA board and system solutions.
Designed for easy adoption by consumer electronics OEMs and SIs, the VIA Home Automation and Media Platform Concept comprises the VIA vipro integrated panel PC as a central control panel for household appliances such as lighting and heating, and can also be used to access the Internet; this is coupled with an ARTiGO builder kit featuring the petite VIA EPIA PX10000G Pico-ITX board as an ultra compact media playback unit for the living room, while the VIA NAS 7800 board is set up as Network Attached Storage unit.
This configuration puts home environment control, your favourite audio and video playback, web surfing and much more at your fingertips through the VIA vipro’s touchscreen interface.
“Our approach to digital living underscores the rich interoperability of VIA platforms at the silicon, board and system level, essential to help this nascent market take off by making it as easy as possible for OEMs and SIs to create complete home solutions,” says Daniel Wu, vice-president: VIA Embedded Platform Division at VIA Technologies. “VIA is committed to driving new innovative platforms and end-to-end system designs that offer our customers flexible, compatible solutions and faster time to market."
To complement VIA’s Home Media Solution demonstration, it is also displaying board level solutions from the VIA EPIA range of Mini-ITX boards, plus a prototype of the VIA VB7002 board with the new VIA Nano processor, as well as small form factor end-to-end solutions including the VIA vmpc digital signage platform.