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BEE IT firm goes national


Local BEE IT company, Reagola, has opened offices in Johannesburg and Durban. The company, which has retail giant Woolworths as a client, is now positioned to offer a national service to its existing and potential customers.

According to CEO Fareed Regal, Reagola is already supplying infrastructure support to corporates in Johannesburg through its partnership with an IT company that delivers software.  He says that the company is well-placed to offer services to other companies in Johannesburg and Durban, particularly in the retail space.
Since 2005, Reagola has provided a new IT support model for Woolworths’ stores.  “We have never achieved less than 92% uptime for Woolworths’ stores, and usually it is around 95%+,” says Regal.  “In the retail industry, this is a significant achievement.”
Regal attributes Reagola’s success to its proactive approach.  The company is busy putting stringent monitoring systems in place to ensure that it can provide support for the stores before an issue arises.  For example, if a store printer is about to run out of toner, Reagola is alerted and can dispatch an engineer before the store even knows about it.
Reagola is also structured in such a way that it can prepare and install equipment on a national basis in record time.  “If a company is looking to roll-out its business countrywide, we can prepare hundreds of tills simultaneously,” says Regal.  “Not many IT companies can offer this level of flexibility and scalability in their services.”