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Panda launches ActiveScan 2.0 in SA


To combat the scourge of “invisible” malware, Panda Security has created the new ActiveScan 2.0 online scanner, which can detect malware that has evaded other security solutions.

“One in four computers with up-to-date antivirus protection are infected with malware,” says Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda Security’s sub-Saharan operations. “With popular local South African websites in the news for being riddled with malware, the launch of ActiveScan 2.0 could not come at a better time.
"Indeed, these security breaches offer irrefutable proof of the new malware dynamic, in which cyber-crooks bombard PCs with highly sophisticated code that hides on computers and steals personal or confidential data."
Given the incapacity of the traditional antivirus model, Panda Security has developed the new ActiveScan 2.0 based on a new security model called "collective intelligence", which can detect far more malware than any other solution.
The new system centrally collects and stores behavioural patterns of programmes, file traces and new malware samples. This data received from the user community is automatically analyzed and classified and correlated with PandaLabs extensive malware knowledge base.
Panda ActiveScan 2.0 discovers threats hidden on computers, including rootkits and Trojans designed to steal bank details and other confidential data, and also ensures the simple and immediate disinfection of all malware detected.
Panda ActiveScan 2.0 is ideal to use as a second opinion, as it detects all malware that could have evaded security solutions installed on a computer. It is compatible with all antivirus programmes on the market, and can be used with Internet Explorer and Firefox.