Computex, Taiwan – Solid State Disk (SSD) may still be in its infancy and considered too expensive as a volume alternative to traditional hard drives, but it won't be long before SSD becomes the norm rather than the exception. 

And one company that is more than ready, willing and able to take advantage of the looming boom in SSD is Taiwan-based Transcend.
Steve Chang, vice-president of Transcend, says that the market swing towards SSD will happen a lot quicker than most people think – especially in the notebook space – and that the current high price of the technology is the only obstacle to widespread adoption.
"Price is the only issue facing SSD at the moment, but prices for the technology are falling every year," he says. "Three years ago, people said it would take too long for SSD to come [to market], but now it is just around the corner."
Chang says that next year will see premier notebooks moving to even thinner profiles, boosting the adoption of SSD for these machines and triggering a significant price reduction in the technolgy.
"With the premier notebook market moving to thinner space options, I see the price of SSD dropping by at least 30% to 40%," Chang says. "That is going to make SSD a lot more attractive."
Once SSD gains significant share in the notebook market, many pundits feel it will not be long before other form factors such as desktops and even servers follow suit.
"It's too early to say what will happen with SSD and desktops," Chang adds. "But for notebooks it is going to happen very, very quickly."
Chang says that one of the major advantages the company has over its main competitors is that every aspect of its products – from R&D and design, to development and manufacture – is done in-house.
"We have a lot more product lines than our competitors, but the biggest difference between Transcend and the likes of Kingston, for example, is that we don't outsource anything when it comes to our product range," he says. "We know our products very, very well which means we can solve any problems that may arise efficiently and quickly.
"If you use an outsourcer, when you have a problem it takes time to be resolved – but the market will not wait for you," he says. "You lose customers.
"Every product we do is through in-house production and in-house design and customers feel a lot more comfortable with that."
As with many Taiwanese manufacturers, Transcend also puts heavy emphasis on variety of choice and quality.
"Every quarter we announce new product," says Chang. "And we have a wide range of product so that the customer has a choice."
Zandre Rudolph, sales director of Rectron which is the sole distributor for Transcend in South Africa, says there is little doubt about the quality of its products.
"From a quality point of view, we see it first-hand," Rudolph says. "We get a lot of comments from resellers on the quality of Transcend products – also their stylish design which is becoming more and more of a factor in buying decisions."