Africa is in the best position ever to take advantage of computing and connectivity technologies to help bolster economies and education – and as many as two-million new PC users could be added from this region in the next couple of years. 

That's the opinion of Devan Naidoo, regional manager of Intel, speaking at this week's Intel Channel Conference.
Naidoo points out that, for the first time in 30 years, African countries are relatively free of foreign debt, making money available for investment in infrastructure and technology.
"Intel has an important role to play in uplifting computer literacy and usage and assisting in developing a knowledge society," Naidoo says.
"This is not just because it is good for business, but because we want to be a partner in finding African solutions."
Intel is targetting 2-million new computer users in the next couple of years.
To do this, says Naidoo, existing markets will be encouraged to transition as quickly as possible to new technologies; while the company continues to work on government-assisted programmes and telco infrastructure development.
For the sub-Saharan Africa region, Naidoo believes it is essential for companies and governments to take advantage of technology in order to enable prosperity.