Computex, Taiwan – At Asus' annual TekTrend yesterday, CEO Jerry Shen re-emphasised the company's new vision and said it was determined to further build on the phenomenal success it achieved in 2007.

Last year, the Asus Eee PC took the world by storm and the company saw growth of 40%, achieving revenues of $22-billion.
And, says Shen, Asus will continue to build on this success as it strives to achieve its new vision of being "the world's most-admired and leading enterprise in a new digital era."
While the Eee PC has brought justified recognition to the organisation, components still remain an important aspect for Asus. Breaking down lst year's figures, Shen says that notebooks accounted for 51% of Asus' business with motherboards coming in with 25%.
Shen says he expects these figures to change in 2008 "This year, we project that notebooks will be 50% of our business; motherboards 16%; Eee 16%; with VGA and monitors contributing 5% each," Shen says. "Our product lines consist of components and systems and, in terms of units, we will ship 50-million components in 2008, and 13-million systems.
"We anticipate very strong growth in systems," he adds. "And while we might experience smaller growth in components, it is still a very important part of our business."
Shen also revealed what is called Asus' 333 goal – to become a top 5 company in notebooks within the next three years; and to secure the number three slot three years after that.
With projected market share growing from 4% in 2007 to 9,5% in 2010, he says Asus will attain the first part of this goal.
Partners, Shen adds, are vital to the company achieving these goals.
"Win-win co-operation has always been my goal and I really appreciate all the help that you have given us," he told partner delegates. "And we'll continue to be successful through mutual trust, mutual benefits and mutual sharing. Everything I do – and we do – is for win-win co-operation. For all of us to be more successful has always been Asus' goal."