The Genius SlimStar 820 Solargizer, from Axiz, is a product of true innovation that enhances your PC operation and complies with the green protection concept. At the forefront of new technology, this 2.4GHz solar desktop combo includes an adjustable solar device for faster energy storage.

Adding more value, is a high definition ergonomic laser mouse that allows you to adjust the dpi resolution according to your work tasks and enhances your accuracy when moving the mouse cursor, says Bismarck Masangu, Product Manager: Multimedia & Accessories, Axiz. “The mouse has ultra power saving technology for continuous operation for up to 15 months, and the mini dongle, which can be stored underneath the mouse, lets you work up to 10 meters away.”
Awarded with 2007 CES innovation honour, the solar keyboard was designed to transform the light source into keyboard operational power and, apart from the solar energy supplied, there are also two other back up sources – the USB cable charger and battery. This will prevent power shortage in the absence of light.
There are 17 frequently-used onboard hotkeys for media centre control, Internet features and office document tools, to fulfill all the requirements you need to work efficiently. On top of the ultra power saving technology, a power switch is available for even longer battery life.