Buzzfuse – a new content marketing system that draws on popular on-line concepts such as social networking, peer review and community based voting – has made a stir in the online world by announcing a new take on user reward, which sees the top content creators within its ecosystem being awarded their share of $5 000.00 in cash.

That means, apart from giving its users an effective and measurable way of marketing the fruits of their creativity, Buzzfuse has begun providing its users with a potential revenue stream.
And judging by the fact that February’s top earner, South African cartoonist Rico Schacherl has now made $1 246.00 through Buzzfuse’s reward system, it’s worth taking notice of. March’s top earner, Scottish Blogger Shane Greer, has now made $1 397.00, and topping the overall list to date is Romanian Blogger Stan Faryna who has made over $1 847.00 in just two months using Buzzfuse.
Gareth Ochse and Craig Corte, Buzzfuse’s founders, says that this reward system is known as a ‘pay for performance’ system, since it rewards content creators for the mere fact that they’ve created content.
“It works by tallying the overriding community opinion of every piece of work posted to the Buzzfuse system,” they explain.
“Because our algorithm however takes into account a different set of criteria than what’s commonly used in the market today, we believe that our algorithm is the closest mechanism anyone can find for judging the true quality of a piece of content.
“Furthermore, because the algorithm looks at the content being created and not the content creator, a content creator can be rewarded for more than one piece of work.
Currently, Ochse & Corte explain that the creator of the top blog, top song and top image each receive a cash reward of $500.00.
The ‘next best’ 97 pieces of content are rewarded on a sliding scale with cash from the remaining $3 500.00.
If like Rico, the creator puts out more than one piece of work on Buzzfuse per month, and more than one piece of content is ranked in that top 100, they are rewarded accordingly.
“This was exactly what happened with Rico,” Ochse & Corte explain. “His $1 111.00 reward comprised the $500.00 top prize for the best image, and a scattering of other prizes which made up the remaining $611.00.”
Ochse says things are beginning to heat up on Buzzfuse, since its user base is growing substantially and the total prize pool is increasing each month. That means the two reasons to be involved with Buzzfuse are becoming even more compelling.
“We believe we’re onto something revolutionary and exciting; and urge content creators to become involved sooner rather than later,” he says.
“After all, the sooner they do, the sooner they can begin taking advantage of this exciting new marketing metholodogy and earning mechanism,” he concludes.