South African-based Praxima Africa Payroll Systems has introduced PraxiPay, a locally developed, licensed suite of software aimed at those companies that run in-house payroll and HR systems but require enterprise-class, reputable software solutions.

Based on Praxima's well-established software that forms part of its outsourced services, PraxiPay includes five products: PraxiPay Payroll, PraxiPay Human Resources, PraxiPay Electronic Personal Folder (EPF), PraxiPay Employee Self Service (ESS) and PraxiPay Payment.
This is a natural evolution for Praxima which started out 14 years ago with its locally developed outsourced payroll and HR solution. The success of this solution has been the result of the integration of features such as flexibility, rules-based structure and ability to cater for almost any scenario (including multiple payrolls and countries). This has made it an ideal solution to offer on a licence basis.
The PraxiPay licensed software is aimed at South African medium to large enterprises, as well as those smaller companies that also require enterprise-class payroll and HR solutions.  
Explains Peter Ibbotson, CEO at Praxima: "There are a number of organisations that run their payroll and HR systems in-house. However, they still require enterprise-level functionality and enhanced features. As a result, we decided to offer our software to these companies, allowing them to benefit our integrated solution."
PraxiPay is based on a simple and flexible licensing model: companies pay for a once-off setup fee and thereafter the software is charged for on a monthly basis, which means they lower their capital expenditure and the licence fee becomes a working cost.
Additionally, the software family is compatible with various currencies and tax regimes, allowing multinationals and those companies operating abroad to continue running their payroll and HR functions from a central point.
The PraxiPay products offer the following important features:
* PraxiPay Payroll: PraxiPay Payroll employs a rules-based engine that delivers enterprise capabilities, irrespective of the size of your payroll. It also features unlimited payroll and creditor codes, as well as unlimited loans and leave types. Electronic uploads and downloads allow for ease of transfer of information.
* PraxiPay Human Resources: PraxiPay Payroll and Human Resources makes use of a single database, eliminating the requirement to duplicate information. It includes a history of all employee details and delivers reporting (including equity planning and reporting by cost centre, department and region), record management and control of skills and training to mention a few of the many features.
* PraxiPay Electronic Personal Folder (EPF): Praxima recognises the requirement for payroll administrators to keep an electronic record of all 'paper' based documents such as IDs, CVs, letters of appointment, qualification supporting documents, etc. PraxiPay's EFP is a digitised, customised folder that keeps a record of scanned documents for ease of retrieval.
* PraxiPay Payment: PraxiPay payment allows batches to be created from the payroll system for all creditors, simplifying the process for companies. It caters for split payments and all garnishee orders can be loaded and paid directly to the creditor. These batches can be created in less than 10 minutes and schedules can be generated according to creditors' requirements. An unlimited payment history is available too.
* PraxiPay Employee Self Service (ESS): ESS is a relatively new service and allows employees and payroll administrators to upload information from any location, providing they have access to the Internet. This Web-enabled service currently allows employees to apply for leave online (featuring workflow functionality which includes approval of leave requests), update personal details and gain access to online pay slip histories. This feature is password protected and fully customisable.