Red Hat has opened a regional office in South Africa and appointed Louis Seyffert as country manager. 

The company’s move to open a South African office has been spurred by strong demand for open source skills and methodologies both in the public and private sector.
Paul Holt, EMEA regional director at Red Hat says the move to bolster Red Hat’s presence in South Africa has been a long time coming.
“Red Hat has reached a stage in its lifecycle where it is ready to expand into emerging markets with an on-the-ground presence. Similarly, we believe the South African market has matured sufficiently for Red Hat to warrant a local investment,” he explains.
“It was simply a matter of getting the timing right,” Holt says.
As Red Hat has progressed up the value chain with moves like the 2006 acquisition of JBoss, the leading open source enterprise middleware company, so Holt says the company’s solutions have become more comprehensive and complex.
“Customers and partners are having to deal with a wider array of products and solutions from Red Hat than  ever before and, in many regards, Red Hat’s solutions are now more comprehensive.
“The establishment of our local office shows that we are committed to assisting our customers and partners with understanding Red Hat’s entire solutions stack and in time, to bolstering the skilled resources customers and partners can draw on locally for assistance and support.”
Seyffert says that Red Hat’s official entry into South Africa has come at a time when things are truly looking positive for Linux and open source in the country.
“It’s clear that more customers are moving their enterprise systems from Unix to Linux every day and that the overall proliferation of enterprise open source solutions is on the increase.
“Add to this the fact that South Africa’s biggest IT spender, namely the public sector, has an extremely favourable stance to open source adoption at all levels of government and it’s clear that the opportunities are plentiful for the Red Hat portfolio,” he adds.
“Over the coming months, we plan to closely engage with our customers, reseller partners and vendor partners in South Africa and drive the value of our portfolio into their businesses.”