The trend to online marketing is growing apace, but how ready are companies and consumers to embrace the new medium? A new tool can help individuals measure their online readiness, or Digital IQ. 

Abby Wakama, MD of Real Africa Netevolution, says decision-makers are only scratching the surface of the business-building benefit housed in digital or online marketing.
In a bid to improve general knowledge and appreciation of digital marketing, Wakama and his team of digital marketing specialists launched mydigitaliq, an interactive online game that provides a platform for information exchange.
mydigitaliq is a question-and-answer game that allows the user to build his or her digital knowledge profile depending on the accuracy of response to a pre-selected set of questions that alternate.
These questions have been adopted from actual interviews conducted by Real Africa Netevolution with account managers, project managers and designers.
“mydigitaliq is a fun online survey that determines the level of your Digital IQ," explains Wakama. "Users evolve from a cell called Primordia Soupolis to Majoria Geekolus by answering questions about online marketing presented in a tongue-in-cheek manner."
The concept of mydigitaliq was initially introduced by Real Africa Netevolution to educate its clients. “We received several requests from our clients to educate their marketing teams about online marketing.  We also found that we had to educate new clients about online marketing in order for them to fully appreciate the online marketing strategies we proposed,” says Wakama.
However, the company believes it will benefit all marketing professionals, digital account managers and business people who want innovative ways to market their products/ services online.
“In general it’s meant for people trying to make sense of the internet and Web 2.0. The lack of adoption and application of digital marketing strategies has encouraged service providers competing in this space to come up with innovative and unique ways to demonstrate the power of digital marketing and the commercial advantage it can offer,” says Wakama.
“We believe that users tend to retain a lot more detail and information by engaging technology and using something fun and different as an information portal and interface,” he adds.