Connection Telecom, in association with Digium, will once again be hosting an intense training course on South African-based Asterisk software this month.

The course is targeted at those who need to quickly build a comprehensive knowledge of Asterisk and Asterisk-related technologies.
“Given the success of the Boot Camp we hosted early this year, we have decided to run another five-day Asterisk indoctrination course,” says Rob Lith, director of Connection Telecom. “The in-depth course will cover the full spectrum of Asterisk implementation and operations – starting with installation and covering every step required to create a successful Asterisk-based telephony solution.”
Once again, at the end of the Boot Camp, participants will have the opportunity to achieve a Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP) certification; an industry recognised accreditation and a benchmark by which knowledge of Asterisk is demonstrated worldwide.
Lith concludes: “The course is ideal for Linux/Unix VARs who need a jump-start into telephony, PBX technicians looking to offer Asterisk solutions and support and network and IT consultants who want to service the voice/data convergence market. In fact, it’s for anyone who needs or wants to add Asterisk to their skill set, and as the most comprehensive Asterisk training available, we hope to make the course a regular on the IT calendar.”
The course, presented by Connection Telecom, will run from 23 – 27 June 2008 in Johannesburg.