Esquire Technologies has announced the local availability of Intellinet’s 503679 wireless access point, an ideal candidate for service providers looking to deliver wireless services to multiple market segments, like campuses, hospitality, health care, warehousing and wider metropolitan areas.

"The unit helps extend mobility and wireless security to small and medium businesses", says Mahomed Cassim, sales & marketing director at Esquire Technologies.
“It's a high performance, single box solution that integrates all services required to extend secure broadband access to mobile users, including QoS features for multimedia support like voice, video and audio technologies.”
The lntellinet 503679, which delivers a strong output power of 20 dBm, is aesthetically designed for the carpetted office, but is also built to withstand use in harsh industrial and outdoor environments down to minus 30⁰C. It also offers security features that fully meet current standards.
“The new virtually weatherproof access point provides seamless and secure access between remote buildings with the speed and performance IT professionals have come to expect from point-to-point and multi-point installations,” adds Cassim. “Even under harsh weather conditions, the access point provides a strong, reliable signal without yielding to rain, sleet, snow or even lightening.”
Built to operate in the 2.4GHz license-free frequency band, this access point is fully compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g. The 503679 features the ability to securely connect users to remote private networks and is designed for deployment in branch offices or similar sites for enterprise-class WLAN performance and secure connectivity of wired clients.