Despite instructions last year for the urgent unbundling of the local loop, and a deadline of 2011 imposed for this to happen, Telkom has not yet begun this project. 

"Telkom is required, in terms of existing legislation, to provide Neotel with shared access to its local loop," says Telkom CEO Reuben September.
"Although the Telecommunications Act, 103 of  1996, provided that no general local loop unbundling would be required after the first two years of operation of Neotel, the EC Act, which repeals the Telecommunications Act, makes provision for unbundling of the local loop, subject to ICASA making the necessary regulations.
"The Minister of  Communications published policy decisions that the process of unbundling the local loop in South Africa should be urgently implemented and completed by 2011.
"On 23 May 2007, the Local Loop Unbundling Committee set up by the Minister of Communications to develop appropriate policies for the unbundling of the local loop in South Africa recommended, amongst other things: three forms of local loop unbundling to be considered – full unbundling of the metallic loop; line sharing and wholesale bit stream access – and the regulatory process, with full industry participation should commence as soon as possible and be completed in 2011."