MWeb has become MTN's first data service provider (DSP), able to supply data clients with the full range of MTN cellular data related services. 

MWeb will resell MTN unique packages, ranging from the entry level 350Mb package, with modem, at R179.00 per month through to the 2Gb package, with modem, retailing at R449.00 per month.
According to Natalie Thayer, GM of MWeb, these products bridge the gap between MWeb’s current 3G/HSDPA wireless broadband offering which starts at 40Mb and goes to 500Mb, providing a middle ground for new entrants to broadband Internet.
“After realising the benefits of always-on Internet, they would then have the opportunity to gradually increase their data cap if they so wish,” adds Thayer.
MWeb also considered the fact that MTN supports HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and GPRS technologies, ensuring that customers will always be connected at the fastest available speed.
This will be the third wireless broadband product offered by MWeb, as the company already offers iBurst and Vodacom 3G in addition to its broad range of broadband access products, including ADSL and dial-up. This new offering will allow consumers greater choice when choosing a wireless broadband Internet access option.