Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories offers a roadmap for enterprises to leverage a management suite that provides real-time visibility into the actions required to drive strategic customer service initiatives.

Responding to one of the key issues facing customer service, Genesys unveiled its vision and product set to enable Proactive Business Management via a next-generation suite of software.
The challenge for most companies is enabling proactive responses to unplanned events, understanding the impact on operations of the customer experience, and empowering all levels of the organisation with real-time information to respond to changing conditions.
Transforming customer service requires going beyond the traditional approach of relying solely on historical reporting by leveraging real-time proactive management.  Genesys Proactive Business Management provides real-time visibility into the actions required to drive strategic customer experience initiatives to:
* Monitor all critical systems and applications that impact customer service, not just those within the contact centre;
* Create specific views for stakeholders that align from agents up to the COO, to provide actionable information and align the organisation;
* Accelerate decision-making and actions by delivering contextual information that correlates in real-time key events from across the enterprise.
According to Sheryl Kingstone of Yankee Group: "Proactive business management is a market that is attracting a lot of interest. Easy access to drill down to the root cause of an issue in real-time is one of the most important missing elements for most companies that prevents them from improving the customer experience."
Genesys, which acquired Informiam Software in December of 2007, will address this need by substantially expanding its product family this year.
The company will create a suite of offerings with Informiam technology that complements and extends its own Info Mart software. Info Mart leverages detailed historical data to provide customer service insights.  The result will be the industry’s most comprehensive suite of applications that extends from historical information to real-time action management software.
"We are already seeing significant market traction for Proactive Business Management and expect continued strength throughout 2008," says Paul Segre, president and CEO of Genesys.
Informiam, which is an open, ‘platform agnostic’ system that can be used with any environment, will serve as the cornerstone of the Genesys Proactive Business Management offerings.
In addition, Genesys is expanding Info Mart. Like Informiam, the Info Mart suite leverages data warehouses, query tools, business intelligence, and customer interaction management applications to drive decision making. Info Mart has been aligned with Informiam and is configurable to provide role-based information.