Symantec has announced an evolution in the company’s next generation data protection strategy.  Through a series of product updates to the Veritas NetBackup platform, it is integrating technologies like data deduplication and continuous data protection, to provide improved manageability from a single solution.

In addition, the NetBackup platform now offers granular recovery capabilities for Windows and VMware environments.
Organisations of all sizes are challenged with managing their disk backup storage growth and improving the speed and ease of recovery of application data, leading to increased complexity for IT administrators.  To address these challenges, Symantec continues to enhance its data protection portfolio through technology synergies between NetBackup and Backup Exec in the areas of disk-based backup, virtual machine support, Windows protection, OpenStorage and recovery capabilities.  
Symantec customers across all market segments, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, will benefit from the greater cross-product integration as it allows for improved manageability and an enhanced user experience.
The updated NetBackup platform leverages the power of an open architecture to deliver data center-class global deduplication and block-level continuous data protection.  This software-based approach provides an alternative to appliance-based and array-based solutions as it allows customers to leverage commodity server and storage hardware as one collective grid and to easily scale their data protection storage environment as they grow their business.  
Additionally, Symantec added the innovative Granular Recovery Technology it first introduced in Backup Exec to its NetBackup platform, allowing for quick recovery of an entire system or individual files, emails, documents and virtual machines from single-pass image backups of Microsoft Windows, Exchange, SharePoint and VMware servers. Symantec’s Granular Recovery Technology eliminates duplicate brick-level backups, saving time and storage space for IT administrators.
NetBackup RealTime Protection 6.5 provides increased protection for mission-critical applications. NetBackup PureDisk 6.5 integrated with NetBackup improves manageability and offers scalable deduplication for the data centre. NetBackup 6.5.2 and 6.5.3 provide increased protection and recovery for enterprise Windows and VMware, and enhanced security.