Emerging musicians can now reach customers through's MTN's new digital distribution platform, Xploaded – and it could be a world first for music distribution. 

Xploaded is designed to advance the development of emerging South African musicians, making it easier for them to break into the market. MTN will provide them with the platform to access the South African consumer market – and music lovers will be able to get downloads of music from new and emerging local artists.
Unsigned bands and artists can post and sell their music into the mobile community with the aim of establishing themselves on the local music scene.
Artists have access to a wider distribution channel for their work, as well as having access to a professional level of management expertise and professional recording facilities. A programme will also be put in place to develop music management skills by means of an educational training module to develop local artist managers.
Local music fans are also assured of a change in the way they can access and enjoy local music. Xploaded will give them the ability to browse and download affordable fresh music easily, wherever they are and at any time.
A key feature of Xploaded is the interaction between bands and their fans through live entertainment – at concerts and at live music venues. Interaction between artists and the public will also take place through forums and blogs.
MTN already hosts the MTNLoaded lifestyle portal, and downloads of local artists' music is well ahead of international artists from this site. This includes genres like Kwaito, Gospel and Afrikaans music.
MTN has put in place processes to protect artists. MTNLoaded obtains all its content for digital downloads directly from record companies or from music content aggregators, who ensure that all rights to the relevant content is cleared in terms of the agreements. Xploaded will also follow these business processes to help safeguard artists and their rights.