Nortel has set up self-service voice capabilities for Nestlé Nespresso, the worldwide retail coffee outlet and one of the fastest growing operating units in the Nestlé group.

Using self-service voice capabilities, Nespresso is able to reduce customer waiting times and cut annual customer relationship center costs by up to 16%.
With Nortel’s automated speech recognition technology, Nespresso can now offer its customers placing orders, faster response to their inquiries through an easy-to-use service hotline.
Instead of being placed on hold to wait for the next available coffee specialist, customers can complete either all or part of their order through voice prompts.
The results include reduced waiting times and enhanced customer satisfaction. The voice system is multilingual in German, French and Italian.
“Our coffee specialists in the Relationship Centre in Sion handle more than 300 000 calls a year,” says Marc-Alain Dubois, market director Switzerland, Nespresso.
“With the new Nortel solution we can offer our customers a comprehensive personal service without long wait times, even in peak periods. That is an important factor in driving the success of the Nespresso brand."
Thomas Marfurt, country manager at Nortel Switzerland, says: “Nortel has worked with Nespresso to meet its communications needs for a number of many years.
“With Nortel´s self-service, voice response technology, we were able to design new communications capabilities that could be easily incorporated into Nespresso’s existing technologies to help them meet huge call volumes without employing more specialist agents.”
The centre relies on Nortel’s Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 speech recognition platform with high reliability through instantaneous backup if any component fails. The system also uses Nortel Communication Server (CS) 1000 with intelligent, automatic routing to the most appropriate agent through Nortel’s contact center solution.
Extension of the system to a number of additional international Customer Relationship Centers is currently being planned.
Nespresso has had a Nortel voice solution with over 300 TDM and VoIP phones in use for several years.