Novell has joined Microsoft’s Server Virtualisation Validation Programme. As a result of Novell's participation in this programme, customers will be able to confidently run Windows Server 2008 as a virtualised guest on top of the Xen hypervisor in SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and receive cooperative support from either company.

Novell is currently running the tests required by the validation process in the Server Virtualisation Validation Programme, and expects the tests to be completed by August 2008.
Microsoft has formally announced the Server Virtualisation Validation Programme, a new programme to enable vendors to validate the combination of Windows Server 2008 as a virtual machine guest running on third party server virtualisation solutions. Under the programme, vendors will self-test and validate certain technical requirements of their server virtualisation software running Windows Server 2008 as a guest operating system.
Through the existing Novell-Microsoft technical collaboration agreement, Novell was an early participant to the Server Virtualisation Validation Programme and helped Microsoft fine tune many of the parameters of the Server Virtualisation Validation Programme. This work included helping to define and validate the technical tests and using the joint Microsoft/Novell Interoperability Lab as a test-bed resource.
As part of its extensive interoperability agreement with Microsoft, Novell holds a unique position as SUSE Linux Enterprise is currently the only Xen hypervisor on which Microsoft will provide full support today for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003 running as a virtual guest. Microsoft's Server Virtualisation Validation Programme is designed to provide customers with additional peace of mind.
"We continue to hear from customers that they want to run Windows Server 2008 as a virtualised guest on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise," says Carlos Montero-Luque, vice president of product management for Linux and Open Platform Solutions at Novell.
"Novell is excited to extend the ongoing technical collaboration efforts between Novell and Microsoft to the Server Virtualisation Validation Programme, which will give customers the performance, security and reliability that comes with running Windows Server 2008 as a virtual guest on SUSE Linux Enterprise."
The Server Virtualisation Validation Programme defines a set of technical tests that third party virtualisation solutions must pass to become validated by Microsoft. The programme also enables vendors to validate various configurations so that mutual customers deploying Windows Server on those configurations can receive cooperative technical support in virtualised environments. Customers with validated solutions will benefit from the support provided by Microsoft as a part of the regular Windows Server technical support framework.
"Novell played an important role in helping us architect and fine-tune this programme," says Zane Adam, senior director of virtualisation strategy, Server and Tools Business at Microsoft. "This is just one more illustration of how Novell and Microsoft are working together to develop interoperable virtualisation solutions."