Workgroup’s dedicated Sun division, Horizon, has announced the local availability of Sun’s first Sun Fire and Sun Blade systems powered by quad core AMD Opteron processors, bringing new capabilities, increased performance and expanded scalability to customers that purchase or upgrade to these quad-core systems.

The Sun Fire X4140, Sun Fire X4240 and Sun Fire X4440 servers, also the newest systems to join Suns x64 (x86, 64-bit) server line, give customers higher energy efficiency, density and scalability powered by quad core AMD Opteron processors and a choice of operating systems (OS), including Solaris 10 OS, OpenSolaris OS, Linux, Windows and VMware.
Additional systems announced with quad core AMD Opteron processors include the Sun Fire X2200 M2, Sun Fire X4100 M2, Sun Fire X4200 M2, Sun Fire X4600 M2 and Sun Blade X8440 servers.
These Opteron powered systems offer competitive differentiators over similar servers, including:
* Storage: The Sun Fire X4140 and Sun Fire X4240, with eight and 16 disk drives, respectively, can function as mini-storage systems ideally suited for scale-out applications such as database, HPC and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW). With their extremely high I/O throughput, they make ideal Open Storage servers for deploying highly scalable storage infrastructures, when combined with ZFS and OpenSolaris. Additionally, all he new systems are already optimised to deliver the next significant boost in applications performance through flash-based disk technologies.
* Density: The Sun Fire X4440 and Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers both offer comparable memory as other systems, yet in half the space. The Sun Fire X4440 server is a four-socket x64 Opteron server in a 2U form factor.
* Memory: The Sun Fire X4600 M2 and Sun Blade X8440 servers are optimised for virtualisation, with a high memory capacity. The Sun Fire X4440 server also possibly has the highest memory capacity for a 2U, four-socket server.
* Performance: The Sun Fire X4440 server is a high performance Opteron-based system running server-side Java applications.