With an ever-widening range of telecommunications offerings available on the market, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to pick the correct solution for their operation, and to ensure that they are getting the best deal possible.

Telesentry, the managed service offering from specialist telecoms company Multimatics has taken an innovative step to enable customers to deal effectively with their telecommunications choices. A Telephone Manager Consultant Service will now be bundled with the company's Telesentry service, giving customers access to a wealth of personal advice and expertise when it comes to making choices around telecoms product and price structures.
“Decision making in the telecommunications context seems to be never-ending, and it's getting tough for decision makers to keep up with the rate of change in the industry,” says Multimatics MD, Steven Brown.
“The addition of consultants to the Telesentry offering is a logical evolution in this context. The consultants live and breathe within this industry – they have studied all solutions available on the market and continue to look out for and educate themselves around emerging trends. They then pass this understanding on to the client.”
Telesentry is a fully outsourced Telephone Manager solution that carries out a comprehensive telephone management and telephone needs analysis, covering PABX’s, maintenance contracts, LCR (Least Cost Routing), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and all other telecoms related systems and services. The evolution of the Telesentry offering to include the services of consultants augments the strength of the outsourcing option for companies when it comes to effectively managing and optimising their telecommunications systems.
Using a full range of analytical tools and its core of industry experience, the Multimatics consultant carries out an unbiased analysis of the various telecoms offerings available, and is able to recommend the best solutions for the business, taking into account the unique needs of the client. An important addition here is the ability of the Multimatics team to assess new and evolving technologies and service providers as they enter the market.
“Essentially the Telesentry consultant acts as an intellectual telecoms filter for the company,” says Brown. “So, proposals and cold calls are channelled through to the Telesentry consultant, who will asses each on its merits and present the relevant options to the client on a scheduled basis. This takes a lot of hassle and confusion out of managing and maintaining an optimised telecommunications system for the client.”