Titus has been awarded distribution for the Beyond Trust product range.

Maintaining standard desktop configuration is a major compliance issue these days, and that’s just where Portsmouth, NH-based BeyondTrust finds its sweet spot.
The company appears to be the only one offering enterprises the ability to create flexible application access policies, turning local admin users into least-privileged standard users who still have access to all their necessary applications.
It’s old news that by giving every end user admin rights banks expose themselves to malware installations, malicious tampering with security software, installation of unapproved software, and the compromise of corporate networks. Yet, many companies continue to operate this way.
BeyondTrust’s flagship product, Privilege Manager, plugs directly into the Window’s security infrastructure, Group Policy. It is transparent to the end-user, without pop-ups or dialogue boxes, and supports Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Windows Vista, the company says.
Not everything Microsoft says about security is the gold standard, but when the company said in an August 2007 press release that Privilege Manager, in combination with Windows Vista, were a “best of breed” solution to the least-privilege problem, the market seemed to agree. BeyondTrust’s enterprise customer base grew 43 percent last year to several hundred, about a quarter of which are financial services companies, says marketing director Scott McCarley.
“We are pleased to respresent Beyond Trust locally,” says Diane Liebeneberg, MD Titus Corporation.