The South African Post Office's reputation is so bad the Amazon has decided to stop posting goods to its South African customers. Instead, they will be forced to use priority courier shipping which will add well over R300.00 to the cost of a purchase. 

Regular postage costs $6.99 for the first item and $6.99 for each additional item – but this option isn't available to South African customers anymore.
The only other African country to be excluded from standard shipping is Nigeria – and even Nigeria is included in the slightly more expensive service of expedited shipping.
South African customers, however, will have to pay $39.00 for the first item they buy online at Amazon, and an addition $9.99 for supplementary items.
As it is, local customers – and others in Africa – can only buy the lowest-value goods from Amazon. Only books, CDs, DVDs, videos, music cassettes and vinyl records may be shipped to Africa, while the high value goods like computers and jewellery are forbidden ground.